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GTA Film Series Episode 3!

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GTA Film Series Episode 3!

Post by TheScottishTrooper on Sun Jul 05 2015, 10:48

Hey, I've now uploaded episode 3 of my GTA film series The Oxycontin Program!.This episode is a look into the past and how the characters came to be and what they were before this all happened. I was rushed alot to get this out but I'm happy about but not as over satisfied as I should be. I tried for weeks to write a story that is original and mind baffling and I hope that works because although its made on GTA its essentially a TV series and I'm director, Camera Man, Actor and Producer. After the next episode there will be a short break between now and the next half of the series. I hope to get back and create more content based on various games and genres.

So if you have that spare 10 mins or if this is in any way interesting to you please give it a go. There is a playlist with all the episodes so far including the trailer.

Once episode 4 is out I will be making a new trailer for the other half of the series and hopefully! I will have managed to get voice actors rather than me doing the voices which to be honest doesn't give my work any justice.

Hopefully you'll like it regardless of my poor attempt at voice acting.  Spread the word, Share it and Enjoy

Here's EP3


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