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New to PGUK Network

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New to PGUK Network

Post by SenseiVince on Tue Mar 10 2015, 17:15

Hello fellow forum users. As of today I'm part of the PGUK Network.

There is not much to know about me. I'm a 19 year old who lives in Belgium. I have been doing youtube for almost 6 months now. (Feel free to check me out:

I mainly focus on TF2 gameplay, but I'm planning on throwing in a indie games day in the week. When I have gained some spair time.


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Re: New to PGUK Network

Post by ProtoType on Wed Mar 11 2015, 16:06

Welcome to the forums buddy, hope you enjoy your time here with PGUK, I hope you can grow your channel with this network as I have started to.

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