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100 subsribers approaching

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100 subsribers approaching

Post by ProtoType on Sun Mar 01 2015, 15:48

Hello all, I thought I would just say hi to everyone and let you know I am reaching a huge milestone for me, I didn't think I would get this large so quickly. I started in April of last year (2014) and thought I would get 10 subs in around 6 months. I got it in over 1 month if I remember correctly, that feels like a lifetime ago now that I started. Now nearly 1 year later I have learnt so much from editing YouTube videos and networking with a lot of people, it has been a wild ride.

So I would like to thank you lot for supporting me, be it a short amount of time, but you have helped me get to my goal. Thank you.


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Re: 100 subsribers approaching

Post by Danny PGUK on Mon Mar 02 2015, 09:24

Great stuff, the first few hundred subscribers is the hardest we found but then word of mouth and it slowly starts to snowball. Just keep up the regular uploads and keep upping the quality which will always happen as you learn something new all the time so keep working to better yourself Smile
Danny PGUK

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