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Greetings from Yorkshire

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Greetings from Yorkshire

Post by Goffik_Gaming on Tue Feb 10 2015, 12:10

Name: Goffik a.k.a Matt
Location: Yorkshire, England
YouTube Channel: Add " /channel/UCUkTxOvd5ZJi0f3shwjtnCg" after Youtube. Unable to post a direct link at this time.
Favorite Games: Most games with a good concept.
Favorite Music: Most musics
Favorite Movies: Cannibal Holocaust (Mainly due to the backstory involving the Director); The LotR and Hobbit Trilogies.
Favorite Food: Anything that is not described as "Health Food"

I am new to Youtube and looking to see what sort of content I can create. Hope not to disappoint the community.

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Location : Yorkshire, England

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