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Noritzu Gaming

Post by Noritzu Gaming on Tue Jan 12 2016, 17:59

Name: Travis
Location: Michigan
YouTube Channel:
Favorite Games: Dark Souls, Starcraft, Diablo, Destiny. Any quality retro titles such as Punch Out, Battletoads, Contra.
Favorite Music: 80's rock
Favorite Movies: not much of a movie person. some i enjoy but none really favorite.
Favorite Food Sushi

Hello everyone,my name is Travis, I am a 29 year old registered nurse from Michigan, I live with my wife and one year old son. My biggest hobby is gaming, and as a gamer my favorite thing is to challenge myself. This is why i created the show Challenge Mode. In Challenge mode I attempt to entertain by discussing and trying to complete various gaming difficulties including hard to beat games, tough to accomplish achievements, or simply adding my own rules to a game to make it harder. All of this combined with my own style of nursing humor.
Noritzu Gaming

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