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Hello, I'm Oddly Specific

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Hello, I'm Oddly Specific

Post by Oddly Specific on Wed Dec 09 2015, 09:50

Hi all, my name is Lewis/Indie88 (But I'm starting to refer to MYSELF as Oddly Specific which is odd, hah) and I have just recently started the gaming channel "Oddly Specific". I've wanted to have my own YouTube channel for as long as I can remember YT being in my life. Up until a few months ago I was probably watching something like 60 hours of content a week but I had no way to produce my own. A friend gifted me an old PC and since then I've been able to realise this little dream of mine.

I play (or intend to play) a lot of the higher quality indie titles, strategy games, rogue-likes, etc. I'm still getting used to the YouTube space but I felt that my knowledge of how I could promote myself further had been exhausted so that is why I've chosen to join a network. PGUK was the only network that aligned with my values and what I'm looking for, so I nervously chose to join up! I am not regretting it as I have been greeted by a very professional outfit so far!

Having spent so long wishing for this to happen, I pride myself on the relative quality of my channel and the way I do things, but I'm always looking to learn - I just want to help my dream succeed and hopefully once you get to know me, you will too Smile

My Channel - Oddly Specific
My Twitter - @OddlySpecificYT

<3 from Oddly Specific Smile

EDIT: Also, I read somewhere that we have to add the PGUK logo to where our Twitter/FB/G+ icons are on our channel homepage - can someone link me the how-to for that?
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