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BusbyRock & PGUK

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BusbyRock & PGUK

Post by BusbyRock on Mon Nov 02 2015, 11:57

What is going on everybody? My name is BusbyRock30 (or if you like, you can call me Jordan). I decided to be apart of PGUK because why not? I've always been told that there is nothing wrong with getting help so I decided to just go with the flow and become a partner with the PGUK Network. I'm a small channel with currently 144 subscribers if I'm not mistaken. Been going on Youtube for about two years, so far, and I'm loving it.

If you want to visit my channel, then head over to this link:

For my twitter, head on over to this link:

I hope that I get to communicate with you guys very soon. Hope you guys have a wonderful day.
Love you all & Peace!

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