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Hey Guys and Girls let me introduce myself!! :D

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Hey Guys and Girls let me introduce myself!! :D

Post by HoleyGHOST on Fri Sep 25 2015, 16:12

Hey everyone,

Lets start shall we. Well my name is Michael, I'm from London, UK. My YouTube channel's name is HoleyGHOST and the link is:
I have a few favorite games that I play the most recent one is Ark: Survival Evolved, I am into all sorts of music but mostly like rock and drum & bass. My favorite food has got to be fajitas because they are soo lovely and nice and amazing. XD
Now on my channel I aim to get high quality game content on to YouTube, I play many different game on my channel but have only just started out on YouTube. I got into YouTube because me and a friend wanted to get game s recorded so people could enjoy our entertainment.

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