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Daily Youtube Content and Twitch Stream!

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Daily Youtube Content and Twitch Stream!

Post by JoshHotS on Tue Jul 28 2015, 21:46

Hi my names Josh,

I have being gaming for as far back as I can remember. I love to share my experience with as many people as a can as much as I can! It is such a big part of my life that I stopped creating Youtube content in order to study 5 years at university in Video Game Design (Computer Science sounds cooler!) as well as working full time. I have since quit my job in order to travel the world, however that has since been put on hold until the winter so I'm back! I am on Twitch EVERYDAY 13:00-16:00 [GMT] as well as creating fresh Youtube content daily. I hope to share my experience with as many of you possible. Check me out on the following:

Steam Group:

Look forward to seeing you! Very Happy

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