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Beer and Gaming THE BEST COMBO

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Beer and Gaming THE BEST COMBO

Post by TheScottishTrooper on Mon Jul 13 2015, 17:32

I had a few mates over recently to compete in a Beer/Take-Away Gaming event. We played a lot of games on a lot of different retro consoles. The best moment of the night or dare I say match was on WWE Here Comes The Pain, This game was my fav wrestling game that has ever been made...Why? because it has the correct wrestlers, it was at a time in wrestling where you could get hit with a chair and blood everywhere! Thats TV or in this case thats GAMING. I loved it and since this point in time WWE on TV and on Gaming went downhill. I no longer watch WWE from this moment in time and the games well...They suck balls. Huge elephantitus balls. So playing this brought back a familiar feeling to me and my mates.

I hope it does for you too. You can argue that this game owns soo much and if you don't then... Let's agree to disagree  Very Happy


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