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The Inspiration that is PGUK

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The Inspiration that is PGUK

Post by TheScottishTrooper on Sun Jun 14 2015, 22:13

The past few days have been great! I've got my custom PC back to its best after a cooling leak and RAM failur, All the worst things that could ever happen. Recently I've been active on all social media trying to boost any chance I get and PGUK have been retweeting what I've posted which is fantastic!. I'm a huge fan of charity and contribute my self to causes every year with a Local marathon of 30 miles on a bike due to fitness and actually completed it on a Skateboard once! (Sore as F***) I also compete in a charity football tournament every year for the same cause. It's great and its also great that PGUK has that in its roster.

As we know it is on the Freedom network, The forum they have is mighty powerful and can help a great deal BUT by GOD do you get people chatting with you telling us to please subscribe...SO you check the channel in question. 2360 subscribers.....Last months video 10 views...How is that worth it....What about the little channels like Mine and many others around there? This idiot has successfully got a healthy amount of subscribers with so little views it makes you wonder what they do on a daily basis.

I work 5 days a week 8 hours a day as an ISO Engineer its not amazing but the pay is fantastic...So making videos is a stretch of time space fabric. This is my hobby and it always will be. Youtube is not about becoming rich or at least not for me. I create videos because I love to do so. I may be just starting out and struggling with learning how to talk on camera and not sound like a total idiot but thats what the fun is about, Progressing is it not? Progressing is getting a healthy fan base who know you inside and out just by watching content and talking to you on social media.

So why are these people allowed to commit Subscriber rape yet the little guys have to work hard and create out of the blue content to grow at a steady pace. Thats Freedom for you

PGUK is fantastic and however affiliated with Freedom PGUK have done more for me in the last few days than Freedom have the whole time I've been on there forum.

Thanks PGUK

Hope you enjoyed the good read
You'll continue to inspire all the videos I have out from here on in

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